I'm Gordon Ross, the Webmaster here at Post 2485, and have been since October of 2017. Additionally, I am the Media Relations Chair putting our best image out there for the Post, our veterans, and the community at large. I took this task with pride, being able to help veterans with rich information, late breaking news, and events.

I served with the Nuclear Fleet Ballistic Submarine Squadron 15 out of Guam from 1971, then relocated to Charleston, South Carolina with the command. I've done 2 FBM sorties as a computer systems maintenance trainer aboard two Lafayette class boomers.

In addition to the webmaster duties, I'm also the Post videographer for events, funerals, and public relations affairs. If YOU have something you would like to see on the website or an interesting story to tell about your career or your presence at the post, give me a shout at <contact webmaster here>. 

Please visit as much of the website as you can as it provides pretty much all/all for events and happenings here at the Post.      - Thank You

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