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Eligibility Criteria

There are three qualifiers for membership in  the VFW,

as set out in our By-Laws.


An individual must meet all

three in order to become a

member. They are as follows:


Must either be serving, have served with an

honorable discharge,or have served with a

discharge under honorable conditions 


Must be a U.S. citizen or

U.S. National.


Must either have been in a war, campaign, or expedition on foreign soil or in hostile waters.

Prior to applying on-line, have a legible copy of your DD-214 or other discharge papers.

Scan this/these documents into a .doc, .txt, .rtf, or .pdf file. Assemble each document,

sending the DD-214 copy first, then any other supporting documents.

If other information is needed or if a DD-214 is incomplete, contact

the  National Personnel Records Center Online  or contact them by calling the

U.S. phone number, (314) 801-0800 to request more info

Write this down.

  • You'll need to enter whether your active duty or a veteran.

  • You'll need to indicate your last branch of service.

Notes: For purposes of membership we do not distinguish whether you are active duty or a veteran, nor whether

you were regular or reserve, but would like to THANK YOU for your service just the same.

Some of you may have served in more than one branch, we are only interested in your last branch served. 


Qualifying Service


You can qualify for VFW membership if you have participated in any war,

campaign or expedition on foreign soil or in hostile waters, or:


  • Have received 'imminent danger' pay during service

  • Have received 'hostile fire' pay during service

  • Have served in Korea for 30 consecutive days or 60 non-consecutive days.

China Service Medal

American Defense Service Medal



Middle Eastern Campaign Medal


American Campaign Medal


Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal


Army of Occupation Medal


Navy Occupation Service Medal


Korean Service Medal


Navy Expeditionary Medal


Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal

Vietnam Service Medal

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Southwest Asia Service Medal

Kosovo Campaign Medal

Combat Infantryman Badge

Combat Medical Badge

Combat Action Ribbon

Air Force Combat Action Medal

Combat Action Badge


SSBN Deterrent Patrol Insignia

Korea Defense Service Medal

Global War On Terrorism


Expeditionary Medal


Afghanistan Campaign Medal


Iraq Campaign Medal


Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal


Air Force Expeditionary Service



Korean Duty (30 consecutive -or- 60 non-consecutive days)

Hostile Fire Pay

Imminent Danger Pay

Notes:  In considering qualifying service factors, we do not rate one higher than another, therefore just choose one factor only.

Write this down.

  • Choose one qualifying service factors above, as evidenced by your DD-214 record or other supporting documents.


Membership Options

Annual Membership Option

This option is $40.00 paid in advance annually. 

  • Includes all the benefits of membership.

  • Includes 10% discount on all meals at the VFW Post.

Lifetime Membership Option

                 See the fee options below  

  • Includes all the benefits of membership.

  • Includes 10% discount on all meals at the VFW Post.

Through Age 30

Age 41-50

Age 61-70

$ 425.00

$ 375.00

$ 290.00

Age 31-40

Age 51-60

Age 71-80

$ 410.00

$ 345.00

$ 225.00

Age 81 +    $ 170

Lifetime Membership Incentive

Post 2485 has established a SPECIAL LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP incentive for members sons and daughters who are serving or have served in harms way and are otherwise eligible to join the VFW.

For those sons and daughters, the Lifetime Membership fee is $ 100.00, the remaining costs to be borne by donations and Post 2485 funds. Eligibility requirements to join must still be met.

Special Additional Benefit

The Post has authorized a $ 50.00 subsidy when membership is approved. It's automatic,

nothing to do on your part but accepting our thanks for joining at VFW Post 2485.

Write this down.

  • Choose the ANNUAL membership at $40. per year paid in advance or the LIFETIME membership with a one-time fee per age group above.

  • Choose your age group at time of sign-up.

  • Choose if you want to add the SPECIAL LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP incentive for your sons or daughters.

Notes:  FInancing terms MIGHT be available for the LIFETIME and SPECIAL

INCENTIVE plans. Talk with the membership chairman for information.

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You are about to join the greatest veterans organization,  The Veterans of Foreign Wars.

No one does more for veterans, no one.


Contact Information,

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  • Best telephone contact number

  • E-mail

  1. Begin by entering all the information you gathered previously requested, and confirm your information is accurate.

  2. When complete, SUBMIT your application.

  3. When you have completed and submitted the form, send your DD-214 and any additional qualifying documents via email to the webmaster here.


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