POST 2485,


      30 Years In Service to Veterans

The Angeles City Veterans of Foreign Wars

post was chartered on April 12, 1987, here in

Angeles City, Philippines. Our first commander

was Joseph Carlsley who served a subsequent

term until 1989. We are the second largest

post overseas and the fifteenth largest post

world-wide. Initially working out of various

halls and venues for two years, a house was

rented on Santol Street and converted into the post headquarters. With these humble beginnings, we have proudly created a haven and meeting place for our beloved veterans. 


U.S. military veterans belonging to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States can help protect your earned benefits as a Veteran. Through our lobbying efforts we provide a                                                            single voice for your concerns directly to Congress and                                                              the President, backed by the power of our unified voting                                                          membership. Additionally, highly trained Service Post                                                                and District Officers, (PSO's and DSO's) stand ready to                                                              assist with individual VA entitlements, benefits and claims.


                                                                   Our Mission: Community Involvement

                                                        VFW Post 2485 in Angeles City, Pampanga is centrally

                                                        located to one of the largest OCONUS veteran                  population centers in the world with close proximity to Subic and Metro Manila.The Department of the Pacific Areas Service Officer, who can represent veterans before the VA through a Power of Attorney, is also located at Post 2485. In Manila we have the only VA      Regional Office outside the United States. However, this accomplishes little for you if you have not applied for benefits, or are not properly represented. The Department Service Officer maintains an office at the VA Regional Office in Manila if this is more convenient for you. We are here to help if you reach out, let us know you and join Post 2485. Our Veteran V.A. Service information is located on our VA Benefits Corner Page.

We are one of the largest VFW Posts worldwide with over 1800

members. Our Post Home in Angeles City hosts a full-service bar

and restaurant, business center, and RAO Mailroom. If you have

not visited our facility, please do so when in the area.


Our programs provide a wide range of services to our member-

ship as well as the local community. For over two decades Post

2485 maintained the Clark Veterans Cemetery and we continue

to provide an Honor Guard and burial assistance to families to help assure our departed comrades are honorably buried. In fact, our Post was instrumental in getting the American Battle Monuments Commission to assume responsibility for the care and future admin-istration of this honored cemetery including war dead from the Spanish American and Philippine American Wars, and Civil War veterans who later served in the Philippines.


Also of interest is our support for the return of the Bells of Balangiga. This effort resulted in the return in late 2018. Balangiga is a small town in Southern Samar and the site of a tragic event that occurred in 1901 during                                the dark days of the U.S. – Philippine relationship. As a matter of recon-                                 ciliation, many members of our Post are worked with other veteran                                      organizations to help facilitate the return of the Bells to the church                                     tower in Balangiga from which they were removed and to help create a                                new Philippine American War Memorial Plaza honoring those that                               died on both sides of the war. We are also involved in numerous comm-                                   unity service activities such as supporting the Boy Scouts of                                         America, a recycling program, and providing free mahogany trees                          for planting  to help make a greener Philippines.


                                            However, our flagship initiative involves providing medical                                                        assistance and surgical help for indigent children having cleft lips                                              and cleft palates. This is a totally free service for the families of                                                the children. To date, we have helped over 1300 children. If you                                                know of, or have somebody in your local area that needs our                                                    help, please let us know! Protect your benefits, join our Post and                                              help us become one of the largest VFW Post worldwide.